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Laser Hair Removal

Sarah and her team at Triangles have been carrying out laser hair removal treatments over ten years, leaving thousands of clients satisfied with their service. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to waxing, threading or shaving saving you money in the future after an average of 6 treatments.

The Lightsheer Duet machine uses the best wavelength to destroy your hair follicle, giving you amazing results in even the most stubborn areas.  With two different sized hand pieces available, it gives you the best result in the quickest time. It is NOT an IPL machine, it is much quicker and more precise treatment.

This treatment gives around an 80% reduction within 6 treatments and is suitable for all skin types. Triangles is a specialist in Asian skin types and with all clients receiving an unique in-depth consultation lasting from around one hour to an hour and a half, that is required before booking a course. Laser cannot work on white, grey, very fine, or extremely blonde hair. 

Instalment plans are available or for a cheaper price, courses can be paid in full.

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Results shown are after 4 treatments

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