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Slimming Treatments

Fat Freeze

If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it! Freeze your fat away with undeniable results, this new approach to fat loss is a non-surgical fat removal, meaning no needles and no pain! The revolutionary new treatment tones and tightens loose sagging skin, reduces those stubborn love handles, promotes weight loss and is FDA approved! 

The HD Lipofreeze is the latest non-invasive method of body sculpting and reducing fat using the latest technology created and pioneered by the world's leading medical affiliates.

Fat freeze, commonly known as Cryolipolysis, is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells. Its principle relies on controlled cooling between -5°C and -9°C for the non-invasive localised reduction of fat deposits in order to reshape body contours. Cyrolipolysis adipose cells within the human body can be frozen, which means they cannot carry energy and more importantly cannot reproduce. Therefore, as a result the lymphatic system flushes these dead cells out of the body. At present, Cryolipolysis has become one of the more popular methods of fat reduction, as it benefits from being non-surgical, non-invasive and allows individuals to resume everyday activities straight after the treatment.

Pre & Post Treatment Advice

Before any treatment we recommend a consultation with one of our specialists in which they will cover any questions.

During a course and post-treatment we highly recommend healthy eating and exercise to boost any results seen. This is particularly important after your first Fat Freeze treatment as the body will burn more calories this day.

Cavitation & Drainage

Ultrasound cavitation is also known as ultrasound lipo or “inch loss”. Ultrasound cavitation is another function of the HD LIpo Freeze+ machine. The treatment contours the body by breaking the cell membrane of the fatty cells, converting them into liquid. The bodies lymphatic system then takes the waste content and expels the fat cells from the body safely and efficiently. Ultrasonic waves are used to destroy stubborn fat cells without harming any other cells in the body.

Adipose fat cells are unable to withstand this pressure due to their structural capacity. As a result, they are reduced to liquid and are expelled through the body’s regular metabolic system. Clients are likely to have a course of treatments for optimal results.

5 of the biggest benefits from Cavitation are:

  • Permanently removes adipose fat cells from any given area
  • Improves skin’s texture
  • Enhances body contouring and reshaping
  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Tightens internal connective tissue


Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening utilises radio waves to heat the deeper layers of the skins tissue including the dermis and epidermis to a temperature of approximately 42 degrees Celsius. As a result of this the radio waves gradually modify the collagen fibres causing them to contract and condense.

Radiofrequency is the technology administered into the areas of concern but where the RF body tightening treatment differs is the type of probe that is used. When performing this treatment we also aim to increase the temperature to approximately 45 degrees Celsius. The larger probe is able to deliver larger radio waves to cover much bigger areas such as the stomach, chest, back, arms and legs.

Bum Lift 

Radiofrequency melts the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin, repositioning some of the malleable fat for a more appealing butt contour. Broken down fat is then deposited naturally through the body, via the lymphatic system.

Brazilian Bum Lift uses clinically proven technology that allows patients to benefit from a tighter, lifted and contoured behind, with improved firmness, toned and smooth skin and better contouring within 3-6 sessions. The procedure requires no downtime, is a fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure and is proven to be safe and effective.

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