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Doll Beauty

These hand-crafted, beautiful lashes show off such gorgeous fibres, which emulate a soft feathery texture for maximum lash impact. With tonnes of different designs in stock make sure you pop in to the salon to grab the style perfect for you!

Step 1

Apply light layer of mascara & leave to dry, so that the lashes have something to rest on.

Step 2

Measure & trim lashes to fit your eyes. Only trimming from the outer corner.

Step 3

Apply glue & wait for it to turn tacky.

Step 4

Wiggle the lash band, apply lashes looking straight ahead & secure edges.

Step 5

Clamp false lashes & your lashes together using eyelash curlers.

Finished Look

Your lashes will stay on until you remove them at the end of the day. Please take care when removing the glue from the lashes.

Favourites of Celebrities

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