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Reza Semi Permanent Makeup

Sarah Brotherton carries out Reza Semi Permanent Makeup here at Triangles. Sarah is a world champion and therapist to the stars, has  over 20 years experience, a true professional and an expert in the field giving beautiful results every time. Would you trust your face with anyone else? 

Reza makes your life easier, no more hassle in the morning having to do your make up. It can give you confidence to go make up free. This treatment is more precise than microblading, with a thinner needle instead of a blade you can feel the vibrations within the skin to determine how deep to go. Not only that but by using a needle Sarah can create the tapered hair effect, creating a life like eyebrow effect to blend in with your natural brows. 

Consultation for the treatment are free.

Areas Treated


Getting your eyeliner Reza'd can create an illusion extending, opening and disguising your tired eyes. As the liner is placed within the lash it helps them to look fuller and together with Sarah you can create a look that is perfect for your face.


Everyone wants that perfect brow, and even though brows are 'sisters not twins' Sarah is the closest your going to get to perfection. Working from your natural bone structure and face shape, together you and Sarah can extend, lift, fill out and define your brows. Using Sarah's signature hair type effect will make people think they are your natural brows as they blend 


With your lips there are options what you can have. There is a standard lip liner and then there is a build. Depending how much you want to enlarge, and define your lip depends which would be best for you. Sarah can even the shape of your natural lip, making it enhanced or making it as natural as you would like.

Reviews in the Media

"It took 2 years to find someone to trust my face to and Sarah has made my life so much easier" 

- Pam St. Clement, Pat from Eastenders

"Award-winning practitioner Sarah Brotherton remains the undisputed favourite of beauty editors"

- Editor of ESSENTIALS Magazine


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