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Spray Tanning

If your sick of feeling pale then false tan is the answer! Giving you a flawless bronzed look our Fake Bake tan is the way forward! A favourite amongst celebrities is our Fake Bake spray tanning which will give you that sun tan glow in just one treatment.

Appointments take approximately 15 minutes, this product is premium quality DHA, no parabens or synthetic chemical perservatives within it meaning your tan will be browner and less orange!

2 Coats of tan may be available upon request prior to booking

Pre & Post Tanning Advice:

All hair removal from waxing & threading to shaving must be done 24 hours prior to the treatment. We also recommend to exfoliate and moisturise dry areas 24 hours before as well.

On the day do not wear makeup, perfume or deodorant as this may affect the colour of the tan. We also recommend not to wear any tight clothing or shoes to the treatment.

After the treatment we recommend to not exercise, apply makeup or bathe for up to 8 hours after the treatment, this allows the tan to develop to the best quality.

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