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Laser Hair Regrowth

The team at Triangles are thrilled to provide a non surgical, FDA approved, revolutionary treatment to help with balding and hair loss. Using a safe low level laser the Halo stimulates the vessels and circulation to naturally regrow your hair. Nothing touches your scalp, there is no heat, and does not involve creames, lotions or chemicals. It is simply laser light at a frequency that stimulates hair growth.

One treatment lasts only 15 minutes and courses are available for purchase. 85% of all patients have benefited from Halo Elite laser treatments. Some types of hair loss respond to this treatment. A consultation is necessary to determine you type of hair loss and if Halo Elite will work for you as not all clients are suitable for the treatments and this will be determined upon a consultation prior to booking.

Halo In Figures

  • 25% increase in hair diameter (thickness)
  • Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients
  • 54% increase in scalp blood flow
  • Proven hair growth of over 19 new terminal hairs per square cm
  • 78% increase in hair tensile strength


As well as the physical treatment, we sell several products that can help boost the effects of the Halo, or used separately. Our Caviar Clinical range gives you a range of topical hair products to use including shampoo, mousse, and a scalp stimulant. We also supply our ANP products which is a range of vitamins that could also help, these products are a stronger dose than those you can find online or on the high street.

Pre-Treatment Advice

When coming to the appointment, turn up with clean, dry hair. An extra charge may apply to wash prior to treatment. Please notify prior to treatment if any change in medication.

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