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1 Hour Faci​als


1 Hour, 30 Minute Facials


Essential Youth Reset - Anti-aging facial

Essential Moisture Boost - For dehydrated/dry eczema skin

Essential Comfort Calm - For sensitive/inflamed skin

Essential Radiance Revival - For pigmentation skin

Cool Peels

1 Hour Faci​als


Course of 6 Treatments


1 Hour, 30 Minute Facials


Youth Renew Peel - For sun damaged skin

Blemish Control Peel - For acne skin excluding rosacea acne 

Moisture Boost Peel - For dehydrated dry skin

Deep Cleansing Peel - For pores/oily skin

Bright Recovery Peel - For clarity and brightening

Focus Treatments

Designed to be added to any above facials. 30 Minute treatments individually

Treatment Individually


Treatments added to Essential facial


Treatments added to Essential facial if VIP member


Focus on frown - Only on forehead frown lines

Focus on eye - Only on or around the eyes

Focus on body profile - For lifting around the jaw line

Focus on texture - For scarring, blemishes or spots

Focus on filler - To emulate the effects of botox perfect to fill out fine lines and wrinkles

Spa Facials

Spa Facial

1 hour


Spa Facial

1 hour, 15 minutes. With back, neck and shoulder massage


Pore, Cleanse & Steam Facial

45 minutes



Add to any above facials. 15 minutes


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